Ever since I saw a friend who had an ATARI ST computer - I can't remeber whether is was a 520 or a 1040 - I knew I wanted one to replace my Spectrum. His had a GUI - Grahical User Interface, a Mouse and other stuff like MIDI and could make music and great graphics. Time passed and I went from the Speccy to a 286PC which ran DOS and Windows 1. No match for the ATARI but it was within my budget, so I forgot my want and moved on.

Now, my retirement has given me lots of old stuff that cost a fortune back then but was being discarded now as old junk. I've got two Hi-Fi  systems I could noly have dreamed of back in the day, so I decided to seek and find my elusive ATARI ST.

I found one in poor condition and hoped I could restore it. Here's are my four videos of how I got on.

We start with unpacking, checking cleaning and testing. Making sure the Power Supply is good.

Next we get a monitor hooked up and see if it boots or not. It does and next we need to connect a mouse, clean the keyboard and fix the faulty reset switch.

Further work on the Mouse, replacing the cable. Then work on the keyboard, dry joints on the mouse connector, so the cable might have been OK after all?

In the final part, I've replaced the faulty Floppy Drive and fitted some replacement Key Caps. Testing the now fully working machine.