In this video I replace the damaged screen with a donor screen from another non working Hudl, actually I just swap the motherboard. Once reassembled, I'm met with a problem in that apparently it will not connect to the internet. After much frustration, fiddling and research, it transpires the Hudl is working OK but cannot connect to the update server, previously run by Tesco, and I then demonstrate a workaround to allow the Hudl to be brought back into useful life once more.

The big caveat with this, is that if the user wants to factory reset the device again, they will have to follow this procedure to again get around the update issue. For reference; the reason the update procedure fails, is that the date on the security certificate within the Hudl is later than the date when the server was shut down in July 2020. By setting the system date of the Hudl to before this certificate date, it will happily connect to the internet even though it cannot connect to the update server.

More information and a step by step guide on how to perform this workaround, can be found on the "Robs Stuff" website: Thanks Rob.