Hello, thanks for visiting CIL-ELECTRONICS.

We repair, restore and sell electronic stuff. Radios, Record Players, Audio and Hi-Fi Systems, just about anything! 

Got and old Hi-Fi system that you no longer use? well before you throw it in the bin or take it to the recycling centre, remember how good it was when you first got it and consider if someone else could make use of it. If it's old Audio stuff, it may be considered "Vintage" and someone may pay good money for it.

We now offer a Video Rescue service, to save old video recordings from being lost. Tapes don't last forever, no matter how well stored, so they can degrade or even rot. We can save those recordings and transfer them to digial media.

So get in touch with us and we'll see if we can restore it back to it's glory days and make it worth something to you.